London’s Healthiest Breakfast


Shaun Stafford

Roast, Borough Market.

It’ a tough gig, but someone has to do it… searching out some of the best eateries in The Square Mile to try and find the healthiest breakfast options available so that you can start your day right!

This week found me just slightly south of The River at the typically British restaurant, Roast, up high overlooking the world famous Borough Market.

The menu is really extensive and the signature dish, the lobster eggs benedict, looks divine… but unfortunately for me the béarnaise sauce and English muffin are a bit of a no-no for the theme of this column.

Instead I plumbed for the vegetarian option of Char-grilled artichoke, kale and feta with pumpkin seeds and basil baked together with fresh hens eggs and served with gluten free toast.

Artichokes are a super food in every sense of the word playing a significant role in lowering blood cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease and enhancing detoxification within the body. Throw in the heart healthy magnesium and zinc from the pumpkin seeds and the vitamin A, C & K from the kale, and this dish really delivers from a nutritional point of view.

I washed it down with a beetroot and apple juice combo adding in some great additional folic acid and iron for the blood whilst also adding in a significant helping of magnesium to boost energy and reduce muscle fatigue.

Not only did this breakfast tick all the nutrient boxes, it massively ticked the taste box: I am a bit of a meat fiend so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this veggie dish… it left me feeling light but full and satisfied. I would fully recommend it as a good switch up to your standard breakfast menu options.

Roast can get busy, especially on weekends, so I would suggest booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

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