Gym Etiquette: 5 Gym No-Nos!

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The start of the New Year always brings an increase in gym usage both from newbies and seasoned vets alike, with everyone trying to put right some of the over indulgences of the festive period!

Make sure that you are attracting attention for all the right reasons by avoiding some of these common gym faux pas…

·       Make Sure You Kit Is Fresh!!!

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean having all the trendiest trainers and funky new gym clothes that Santa can bring… more so just making sure you and your kit don’t stink!

Nothing clears a gym floor quicker than a dodgy smelling t-shirt, so ingratiate yourself to your fellow gym goers by making sure you regularly wash yourself and your training kit!

·       Don’t be An Equipment Hog!!!

Gyms are always busier in January than at any other time of the year, but they never seem to get more equipment in to accommodate for the increased usage…

When resting in between sets, allow others to use the kit to combat this: let them know how long your rest periods are and allow them to jump in and use the equipment with you!

If everybody shared the kit and allowed others to “work in” then the amount of time spent queuing for equipment would drop drastically and the efficiency of your workouts will sky rocket!

·       Train More, Surf Less…

It sounds obvious, but when you are in the gym… make sure you are training hard, rather than surfing social media on your phone!

Not only will you stay focussed, work harder and get better results, but you will also save time by keeping your sessions short and sharp! Keep the tweeting and Insta-posting until after the gym when you are grabbing your post-workout shake or cooling down on the bus ride home!

·       Pick Up Weights, Not Each Other!

Whereas the gym is a great place to meet like-minded people, it is also a place where everyone has to feel comfortable to get the most out of it…

Gyms and Fitness Clubs can be intimidating places, especially for a lot of women or people new the training environment! So don’t be “that leery guy” in the corner who is constantly trying to make eye contact during the workout thinking it is an episode of “Take Me Out”…

Focus on yourself and your session and save the inappropriate advances for the dance floor rather than the weights room!

·       Lifting With You Ego… Not Your Muscles.

This is a classic workout mistake witnessed in every gym I’ve ever been to: rows of people rushing through each rep, with a weight that’s too heavy to really control the range of motion or technique.

I’m talking bench presses that are bounced off your chest, squats that are cut high, or standing bar humps. (i.e. barbell curls where the movement is solely started by you thrusting your hips into the bar.)

Try dropping the weight on your exercises, and making an effort to slow every rep down, squeezing the muscle at the peak of the move, and controlling back down through a full range of motion. As simple as it sounds, this is the best way to really stimulate the muscle you’re trying to work, and reduces any chance of muscle or joint injuries.

Just keep going…

The most important thing to remember, however, is that you just need to keep up the good work… too many people start all guns blazing and then burn out or lose interest after a few weeks!

The best way to really make progress is to be consistent and have fun with your workouts: keep them varied and enjoyable, start slowly and build into it as your confidence grows.

Use the tips above to help navigate the gym environment and it will be your home away from home before you know it!

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